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Jan 16, 2017
Episode 33 Alastair Greene

Welcome to Episode 33 of the Guitar Speak Podcast!

Today we speak with Alastair Greene, who mostly divides his his time between his own blues/rock trio - The Alastair Greene Band - and touring the world with The Alan Parsons Project.

Alastair talks about growing up in California in the guitar intense 1980s, forging his voice and career as a solo artist and working with one of rock's most enigmatic figures.

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Photo credit BG Phillips

Jan 9, 2017
Episode 32 Jude Gold

Happy New Year!

Today we speak to Jude Gold...first 2017 candidate for the 'slashie' award. Here goes:

solo artist / high profile sideman - Greg Howe, Billy Sheehan, Jefferson Starship et al / journalist - Guitar Player Magazine / podcaster - No Guitar is Safe / educator -  former Director of Guitar at the Musicians Institute, published by Hal Leonard / good guy!

My problem wasn't thinking of things to ask Jude was deciding what to focus on! Jude has built an amazing career and doesn't look like slowing down any time soon. 

This interview features live guitar examples from Jude - from Van Halen to his own incredible 'full contact' style and much, much more.

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Dec 30, 2016
Episode 31 Paul Rhoney of Rhoney Guitars

Welcome to our last episode of 2016. 

Today we speak to Paul Rhoney of Rhoney Guitars. Paul makes incredibly cool guitars that embrace his love of vintage and oddball design, whilst presenting a unique and original aesthetic.

Sarah Lipstate (Guitar Speak Podcast Episode 13) plays one of Paul's beautiful Oceana models.

Paul also co-hosts a great podcast - The Luthierist 2.0 - with Jon Sullivan of Sully Guitars (Guitar Speak Podcast Episodes 26 & 27).

Thanks for joining us in 2016 - its been a fun 8 months or so since our launch in April. Looking forward to more in 2017!






Dec 18, 2016
Episode 30 Grant Wills Valve Heaven

Welcome to the Guitar Speak Podcast!

Today we speak amps with Grant Wills from Valve Heaven. Grant builds a range of low to medium powered amps that sound amazing and also hosts amp building workshops.

Why does he have a range called the Lamington? There is a great reason!

We also ask Grant some questions on valve amp basics - what is push-pull? Class A vs A/B? Triode vs Pentode? 

Thanks for tuning in!


Dec 12, 2016
Episode 29 Rob Balducci

Welcome to the Guitar Speak Podcast.

Today we speak to New Yorker, Rob Balducci. Rob is a fantastic rock instrumentalist with several albums on Steve Vai's Favoured Nations label. He is an Ibanez, D'Addario and Atomic amps endorser, to name just a few of the companies he has had long associations with.

Rob has a knack for melding his broad influences into fantastic compositions with very cool tones.

We talk influences, career development, gear - his Custom Shop Ibanez guitars are too cool - and his latest album '812 Monroe Drive'.

Good times!

Dec 3, 2016
Episode 28 Johnny Balmer - Alchemy Audio

Welcome to Episode 28 of The Guitar Speak Podcast!

This week we speak to Johnny Balmer of Alchemy Audio. Based in Chicago, Johnny mods, builds and repairs pedals of all stripes. He has some high profile clients and is working on a line of original designs. Johnny also finds time to brew his own craft beer!

We also have some exciting news about the 2017 Tamworth Country Music Festival from our friends Michael Fix (Guitar Speak Podcast Episode 3) and Jayne Denham. We get to hear some of Michael's Golden Guitar nominated tune, "Cosmopolitan Blues".

Finally, the brilliant Sydney based label 4-4-2 Music has released it's latest Christmas album, "God Bless the Children". It's a glorious mess of indie, electronica, alt-folk and ambient celebration...definitely not playing anytime soon in your local shopping mall. We check out one of the tracks.

Thanks for tuning in!


Nov 20, 2016
Episode 27 Jon Sullivan from Sully Guitars Pt II

We continue our discussion with Jon Sullivan from Sully Guitars in Dallas, TX.

In this interview Sully describes in great detail his working partnership with the legendary Grover Jackson on a limited run of Sully '71s. Sully also talks us through some new designs and refinements to come to the range in 2017, and we speak about The Luthierist 2.0 Podcast, which he co-hosts with Paul Rhoney (of the awesome Rhoney Guitars).

BONUS STUFF! I asked Sully, as an invested Kiss fan, what he thought about Ace Frehley's 'Spaceman' character now being franchised out to whoever plays lead guitar in Kiss. He sent me a fascinating monologue as well as a version of Dr Love...where Sully plays all the guitars alongside the original recording stems.

This episode is brought to you by the Michael Dolce 2016 Masterclass Tour.

Nov 13, 2016
Episode 26 Jon Sullivan from Sully Guitars Part I

Welcome to the Guitar Speak Podcast.

This week we speak to Jon Sullivan - Sully - from Sully Guitars in Dallas, Texas.

Sully builds amazing guitars which could be described as a modern evolution of the '80s hotrods he loved as a kid. 

He has been working on a limited run of instruments built in conjunction with the legendary Grover Jackson, co-hosts The Luthierist 2.0 podcast and digs Ace Frehley. So much good stuff right there!

This episode is brought to you by the 2016 Michael Dolce Masterclass Tour.



Nov 5, 2016
Episode 25 Andy Timmons

Welcome to the Guitar Speak Podcast!

This week we speak to the incredible Andy Timmons.

Andy has had a remarkable career as a sideman for Danger Danger, Simon Philips, Kip Winger, Paul Stanley and Olivia Newton-John to name a few. He has jammed alongside Paul Gilbert, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai and is a popular Ibanez and Mesa Boogie endorser.

Throughout his career Andy has released several Andy Timmons Band albums and we catch up with Andy to discuss his latest - "View From a Perfect World".

The interview features some album clips and Andy also playing live over the Skype line. Good times!

This episode is brought to you by the Michael Dolce Funk/Fusion 2016 Masterclass Tour.

Oct 30, 2016
Episode 24 Randall Waller Part II

Today we continue our interview with Randall Waller, with more stories about Mutt Lange, touring rigs with Shania Twain and Keith Urban, coming back home to Australia and working on a solo album. We have heard some of it and it's sounding massive...

Episode 24 is brought to you by design and Michael Dolce's 2016 Funk/Fusion Masterclass Tour.

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