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Oct 22, 2016

Welcome to Episode 23 of The Guitar Speak Podcast.

Today we speak to Randall Waller, who has had an amazing career touring with the likes of  Shania Twain, Keith Urban, Bonnie Tyler, Dragon, Sharon O'Neil, Jon English, Billy Thorpe and Rose Tattoo to name a few - not a bad resume!

This Episode is brought to you by You Groove Design - and Michael Dolce's 2016 Funk/Fusion Masterclass Tour.

Oct 15, 2016
Episode 22 Andy Othling from lowercase noises

Welcome to Episode 22!


Today we speak to Andy Othling, the man behind lowercase noises. Andy has a built a full time career crafting beautiful ambient and cinematic pieces and taking on some super creative projects.

Andy tells of his emerging influences, delving into instrumental guitar, touring as a soloist and sideman, his new podcast, gear and much more.

Todays episode is brought to you by Michael Dolce's 2016 Funk/Fusion Masterclass tour and who designed our cool new logo.

Oct 8, 2016
Episode 21 Maton Guitars 70th Anniversary

Welcome to Episode 21 of The Guitar Speak Podcast.

Today we give a shout out to Michael Katselos and Storm Front Touring for putting on the amazing Gary Moore Remembered concert. We spoke to Michael about the show in Episode 18 and when we attended the gig this week we were blown away!

Our main interview this week is with David Steedman, General Manager of Maton Guitars, an iconic Australian company celebrating 70 years of guitar manufacturing.

We also get to hear some of Michael Fix's new album, "Bending Air". Michael is a good friend of The Guitar Speak Podcast (we interviewed him in Episode 3) and a proud Maton endorser. Check out his wonderful Maton signature series guitar.

Today's episode is brought to you by Michael Dolce's 2016 Funk/Fusion Masterclass Tour.

Thanks for listening in, remember you can find all of our episodes at, iTunes and Stitcher.


Oct 1, 2016
Episode 20 Cameron James Henderson / Jay Parrino

Welcome to episode 20 of The Guitar Speak Podcast.

Today we present a double header - two interviews with two Sydney based guitarists doing great work.

Cameron James Henderson talks about his debut full length player - "Storm Rollin' In", melding blues, folk and roots influences whilst pulling some beautiful tones in the process.

Jay Parrino rocks out, invents contrapuntal tapping pieces for fun and appears on our TV sets at regular intervals. Jay also tells us about his great relationship with Roland Australia.

There is also a shout out to our friends from Amps and Axes in Baltimore who have added a second show in addition to their excellent weekly show.

Today's episode is brought to you by Michael Dolce's 2016 Funk/Fusion Masterclass Tour.




Sep 24, 2016
Episode 19 Gary Moore Remembered

Welcome to episode 19 of The Guitar Speak Podcast!

Today we remember the late, great blues / rock master Gary Moore. Michael Katselos joins us to discuss a tribute concert he is putting together with some of Australia's best guitarists, including Peter Northcote and Chris Kamzelas who drop in as well.

Episode 19 is brought to you by Michael Dolce's 2016 Funk-Fusion Masterclass Tour. Listen in to find out about Michael's amazing giveaway promo and also details on the clinic tour.


Sep 11, 2016
Episode 18 Gretchen Menn

Welcome to the Guitar Speak Podcast - episode 18!

This week we run from AC/DC to Zappa - with a healthy dose of Morse, Beethoven, Page and Django in between - as we catch up with the genre busting Gretchen Menn.

Gretchen tells us about her varied influences, technique breakthroughs, Music Man guitars and passion for composition in this in depth interview.

Also, our good friend Michael Dolce (Episodes 1 & 15) wants to give you some very cool stuff and we let you know how to get it.


Aug 27, 2016
Episode 17 David Moyse Part II

Welcome to the Guitar Speak Podcast!

Today we conclude our two part interview with Australian guitarist David Moyse and follow his career post Air Supply.

David went on to become an in demand session musician in Sydney, including playing on film scores for huge films such as Crocodile Dundee and Strictly Ballroom.

David also shares about recording and touring as a member of the Hillsong worship team and Don Moen's band - which included Shelia E, Chester Thompson, Abraham Laboriel and Paul Jackson Jr.

We also get a sneak peek at his solo album.

David speaks candidly about faith, what it means to play as an extension of yourself and why he's still passionately creating music.

Aug 9, 2016
Episode 16 David Moyse Part I

Welcome to Episode 16!

This week we give a shout out to The Melbourne Guitar Show, which included some of our Guitar Speak friends Brett Kingman (episode 5), Bob Spencer (episode 9) and Michael Dolce with Charles Cilia (episode 15).

We also talk about Michael Fix' (episode 3) new album and upcoming European tour.

Our featured guest this week is with Australian guitarist, David Moyse. In Part I of a two part interview, we cover David's early career and his time in Air Supply - during the band's most successful years.

Aug 2, 2016
Episode 15 Michael Dolce Masterclass and Charles Cilia Guitars

Hey, welcome to episode 15!

This week we sit in on a Michael Dolce Masterclass - held at Charles Cilia Guitars' showroom. We talk with some of the guys who attended the clinic and then hang out with Michael and Charles, who have been working together for almost 20 years. Michael owns 14 Cilia guitars...including an amazing signature model. 

If you're in Melbourne, check out the Cilia Guitars stand at the Melbourne Guitar Show (Aug 6-7, 2016) or one of the two Michael Dolce masterclasses the following week.

Good times!



Jul 19, 2016
Episode 14 Jeff Bober and Mick Marcellino from Amps and Axes Podcast

Welcome to Episode 14!

This week's episode is with Jeff Bober and Mick Marcellino who host the excellent Amps and Axes podcast from Baltimore, USA. It's a different kind of episode - more of a dual interview.

These guys really know their stuff. Jeff was the mastermind behind the legendary Budda amps and we find out about his new company, East Amplification.

It was great meeting these guys and talking guitars...



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