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May 1, 2018

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Michael Ibrahim is the 'MI' behind MI Audio, the Australian pedal and amp company that has found success all around the world.

Michael talks us through the inception of MI, starting with the iconic chrome Tube Zone inspired by the multi-dimensional drive tones of Allan Holdsworth.

MI Audio is perhaps best known globally for it's enormously popular - and often copied - Crunch Box and Super Crunch Box. Michael unpacks the evolution of this pedal, including the true story behind the internal presence trim pot found in the second run back in 2005.  Michael also talks about the flood of blatant copies currently on the market by other companies.

Michael gives us the latest on the MI range of amps, why he loves to write epic manuals and what happened when Marshall wanted to acquire MI Audio.

Michael is intelligent, thoughtful and honest...a great guest!

Brett Kingman (Guitar Speak Podcast Episode 5) makes a guest appearance to introduce Michael. Burgs and Michael go way back...

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