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Oct 18, 2020


John Encarnacao's muse runs deep with a myriad of channels to direct his creative output. He happily steps from rock to free-improvisation and any number of points in between and beyond.

In episode #144 John discusses the latest Warmer album, 'Wooden Box with Strings', his series of guitar solo albums, free...

Oct 15, 2020

Today we revisit our December 2018 interview with the one and only Vernon Reid.

Reid is not only one of the most unique guitarists to emerge in the rock world, he is also one of the most thoughtful and articulate.

As the founder of the genre breaking and status qou defying band Living Colour, Reid has fearlessly blazed...

Oct 7, 2020

In our August 2018 interview, Dave Leslie (Baby Animals) shared a multitude of fantastic on and off-stage stories about touring with Van Halen. On the sad day of Eddie Van Halen's passing we replay these stories with much love.

To check out the entire interview with Dave - head over to Guitar Speak Podcast episode...

Oct 4, 2020


Quick Picks is a spinoff from our usual interview-based format where Matt reviews new music, books, gear, gigs...anything guitar related.

Today we take a look at three excellent new releases from Australian guitarists:

Simon Kinny-Lewis

Nate Stewart

Fab Manzini


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Sep 28, 2020

Andrew 'Mozz' Macdonald joins us to talk about his ever expanding range of Mozztronics hand built pedals.

Andrew's pedals are finding their way on many boards around Australia including those of Tim Rogers and Davey Lane (You Am I) and Guitar Speak alumni, Bob Spencer (The Angels, Skyhooks, Rose Tattoo).

We talk about...