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Nov 29, 2020

The Fender Telecaster celebrates its 70th birthday this year.

In 1950 Fender's Broadcaster - quickly renamed the Telecaster after a legal complaint from Gretsch - became the first commercially available solid body electric guitar after a tense arms race with Les Paul and other competitors. Music and popular culture was forever changed.

Today we are joined by three diverse Tele wranglers to discuss this iconic instrument - its strengths, quirks, longevity and legacy.

Dr Zane Banks is a Sydney based guitarist who blazes on his '50s reissue Tele in The Banks Brothers. The excerpts heard in this excerpt are Zane playing hot-rodded rockabilly in Cruisin' Deuces.

Shane Diiorio is a killer guitarist and hosts the hugely popular YouTube channel, In The Blues. As a gear reviewer he has intimately played a legion of guitars, but his go-to axe is always a Tele.

Brian Wampler creates the world class Wampler Pedals seen on pedalboards around the globe. He is not only a huge Tele fan and player - Brian has worked two of the world's most beloved Tele players in Brad Paisley and Brent Mason to create their signature Wampler pedals.

Episode 147 Links

Brian Wampler GSP#61

Dr Zane Banks & Jy-Perry Banks GSP#142

In The Blues - YouTube Channel

Cruisin' Deuces

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