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Free Backing Tracks

Apr 12, 2020

Many moons ago - sometime in 2002 - I had the opportunity to produce some backing tracks for the Virtual Jam column in Australian Guitar Magazine's volume 29 edition.  The tracks were recorded in the legendary - and now sadly defunct - Noise Gate Studios in Castle Hill, located in the north-west of Sydney, Australia.

Noise Gate's Ian Pritchett engineered and played bass, whilst my dear friend Steve Kemsley manned the drums. I remember being very excited to plug into the studio's Line 6 POD, yes the famous kidney bean modeller. The 2.0 model was released a couple of years earlier, but I had never played one.

These tracks are free to download and use. If you send me a recording of your jams, I'll post some in a podcast episode.

Happy playing!




Rock - Dm/Bm

(Rock Demo)

E Blues

Latin 7/8 in Am

Ballad in G

(Ballad Demo)

Funk in Em - Gm

Groove in Bm