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Dec 20, 2020


We revisit our conversation with the phenomenal Brett Garsed.

Brett's unique and dynamic legato style has seen him earn tremendous respect in both his homeland of Australia and around the globe.

Brett describes the development of his guitar voice in rural Victoria, being discovered in Mike Varney's 'Spotlight' column in Guitar Player Magazine and the break that led Brett to work with one of Australia's finest vocalists, John Farnham. 

Brett also talks us through his move to the US - initially to tour and record with stadium & MTV favorites Nelson - that led him to work with some of the leading US fusion/progressive players like TJ Helmrich, Shawn Lane, Derek Sherinian and fellow Aussie ex-pats Frank Gambale and Virgil Donati.

Brett's return to Australia - and John Farnham's band - is discussed as well his solo albums, current rig and future plans.


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