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Dec 3, 2016

Welcome to Episode 28 of The Guitar Speak Podcast!

This week we speak to Johnny Balmer of Alchemy Audio. Based in Chicago, Johnny mods, builds and repairs pedals of all stripes. He has some high profile clients and is working on a line of original designs. Johnny also finds time to brew his own craft beer!

We also have some exciting news about the 2017 Tamworth Country Music Festival from our friends Michael Fix (Guitar Speak Podcast Episode 3) and Jayne Denham. We get to hear some of Michael's Golden Guitar nominated tune, "Cosmopolitan Blues".

Finally, the brilliant Sydney based label 4-4-2 Music has released it's latest Christmas album, "God Bless the Children". It's a glorious mess of indie, electronica, alt-folk and ambient celebration...definitely not playing anytime soon in your local shopping mall. We check out one of the tracks.

Thanks for tuning in!