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Jul 3, 2020

Joseph Tabua’s sound world embodies large slabs of colours that juxtapose indie rock influences with aleotoric and minimalist finesse. Joseph’s Fijian and Australian heritage are intertwined profoundly thus creating an electrifying and distinct compositional voice. 

We discuss Joseph's guitar approach from rock jams with an embryonic Silverchair to the 'spontaneous and visceral' improvisation of the  Tabua-Harrison duo (championed by Living Colour's Vernon Reid no less) and the wide-screen composition of the solo release 'Half Ocean Half Sky'.

The conversation also looks at Joseph's academic work - he is currently completing a doctorate at Western Sydney University, gear choices for sonic exploration and a fantastic list of boundary stretching guitar players and musicians to check out.

This is a great interview with an intelligent, humble and thoughtful musician.

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Joseph is a humble, thoughtful and intelligent musician