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Nov 19, 2020


Kat Ayala joins us to talk about her diverse and flourishing career. Kat tells us about melding big rock tones and intricate ambience in Forces & Fury - her rad project with Astrid Holtz - gigs with Vanessa Amorosi, Hayley Mary, Royale with Cheese and many more touring acts.

Kat has great stories about landing high profile gigs, how Diesel introduced her to Yamaha, in turn leading to a Vox artist endorsement and opening for Daryl Braithwaite in her pop-punk band - and what that led to.

She is a gear nut - embracing both modellers and stompboxes, bending signal flow to her will and playing guitars that span the gamut from classic design to cutting edge modernity.

Above all this, Kat is a humble community builder and its no surprise she is in such demand as a musician.


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