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May 27, 2021

Today we are joined by Australian guitarist Nathan Cavaleri, a musician who is as resilient as he is soulful.

Nathan Cavaleri started playing guitar at age three, picking along with his father's blues records. Facing luekemia at six, Cavaleri found solace in his guitar and thanks to the Starlight Foundation met and jammed with Mark Knopfler on national television. Even at such a tender age, and quite unwell, Cavaleri's affinity with the blues and burgeoning talent was undeniable.

Thankfully, Cavaleri was given a clear bill of health at age thirteen. By this time he was a road veteran, having shared the stage with artists such as BB King, Robben Ford, Albert Collins, Steve Morse, Steve Cropper, Jimmy Barnes, Diesel and Tommy Emmanuel to name a few.

Following a break from the spotlight in his late teens, Cavaleri returned with force fronting the blues/rock band Nat Cole and the Kings.

In 2014 Cavaleri found himself unexpectedly struck down with adrenal fatigue and anxiety. In 2017 Cavaleri started a website & blog that detailed his return to the stage and studio.

Cavaleri speaks candidly about his journey and reflects back on 2018 as a "year of action", in which two compelling singles from the forthcoming Demons EP were released, in addition to a string of successful live shows.

This episode is a replay from our conversation with Nathan from 2019.

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