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May 14, 2021


Shaun Verreault fuses rock, blues and folk influences into his own unique voice. The Canadian guitarist has held down the frontman role in Wide Mouth Mason for over 25 years writing, singing, playing and touring gold records and major label deals.

Shaun tells of lessons learnt from sharing stages with AC/DC, The...

May 12, 2021



Drew Shirley - of the Grammy award winning Switchfoot - joins us to talk about the making of the band's latest album, Native Tongue, released in January 2019.

Drew digs deep into parts, arrangements, guitars, amps and an unabashed love of fuzz.

This interview was first published in 2019.


This episode is brought...

May 9, 2021


The Pedal Movie is over two hours of stompbox love, beautifully produced by Reverb, detailing the history and current state of play in the world of guitar pedals.

We are joined by the film's directors Michael Lux and Dan Orkin to get all the background details about the film.


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May 6, 2021

The amazing Marty Friedman is in replay from our 2019 conversation.

Marty talks about:

  • Touring and sharing the spotlight with his killer 'super group'.
  • An amazing solo career with 15 albums and countless tours under his own name.
  • Lessons learned after 10 years with Megadeth.
  • How a move to Japan in the early 2000s made...

May 2, 2021

We revisit our conversation with Europe's John Norum.

For many of us, John introduced himself through the epic solo on Europe's world wide smash The Final Countdown. That solo - equal parts blazing arpeggios and blues chops - characterised John's style which has graced most of Europe's 25 million album sales.