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Aug 16, 2020

Dr Zane Banks and Jy-Perry Banks are two of the most electrifying young guitarists in Australia. The siblings tell of a musically rich upbringing and subsequent careers in the industry.

The brothers are equally adept in country, jazz, blues, rock and art music.

Zane attained his PhD through the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, researching the use of electric guitar in contemporary art music. He premiered Ingwe, the solo electric guitar work composed by Georges Lentz and won the ABC Limelight Newcomer of the Year in 2011.

Jy completed a Masters in Tuba performance - also at the Sydney Con - before throwing himself into pedal steel. He is now highly in demand working with Charlie Collins, Kasey Chambers, Julian Day and many others. Jy is also a Fender artist.

This was a great hang covering so much guitar goodness!


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